The Anniversary Collaboration: Zorro Stuff x MAYSHA

In our constant search for authenticity and creativity, we have joined forces with MAYSHA. This unique collaboration that fuses handcrafted, sustainability and passion for art and fashion in an exclusive collection.

The Anniversary collection exudes a feeling of achievement, progression, and enlightenment. It incorporates layered fabrics to craft a distinctive aesthetic that reflects our personality as a brand This collection reflects the distinctive personality inspired by El Zorro, creating this limited edition of handmade balaclavas. Since thirty years ago, MAYSHA takes the genuine expression of art and love for crochet to another level.

By acquiring these exclusive pieces, our customers become part of a select group of fashion-forward individuals embracing uniqueness and exclusivity.. Join us to experience the combination of street style and handcrafted through the exclusive Zorro Stuff x MAYSHA collaboration.